Depreciation Infographic: How Fast Does My New Vehicle Decline?

The Bad News —– and Some Great News —– About

The very minute that you drive a brand-new vehicle off a dealer’s lot, it declines. That’s simply a fact of life, and the infographic below offers you a roadmap of devaluation milestones. However devaluation doesn’t suggest you shouldn’t purchase a brand-new car. In fact, if your plan is to drive the wheels off your automobile, then devaluation has no impact on your purchase. But if you do plan to trade it in, you have to be smart about the resale value of automobiles, and here’s the key: Not all vehicles diminish at the same rate. You can compare the depreciation for cars and trucks you’re believing about buying by using Edmunds True Cost to Own tool. Now, on to a step-by-step take a look at how quick brand-new cars can lose their worth. Buckle up.



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